Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Madness!

It was a great holiday weekend to be with friends, and since we moved to PA, Sandy got to be a part of it, finally.

Caden made a new friend in the neighborhood. I do believe this is the first place we have lived that he has boys his age to hang around. They played video games on Sunday after church, then went to the pool on Monday afternoon.

CJ and Sandy getting their Moosetracks time together.

This was Sunday night after the storm, it was a rough one! Took a tree out just north of us on 4th St by the Morrisons and on 2nd St. Sandy broke out his chainsaws and he, CJ, Billy, Bo and Breanna stayed out for a couple hours cutting and clearing the streets.

 This is how CJ, Billy and Bo made the memorial Day newscast. Even though CJ tried to plug Redeeming Grace Church, and spoke of serving others for Christ, they cut that out...but he tried. So cool....check it out here:

The Ellis clan joined us for breakfast on Monday morning. We feasted on sausage gravy and biscuits, scrambled eggs, home fries, the gooiest best homemade sticky buns I have ever made, and fresh fruit to say we had something healthy!

We loved having our old neighbors stop by...good memories were made and old ones remembered.

Then a surprise visit from Grandpa, who also appreciated the sticky buns. He took CJ to his home and office to help mow, then took him around and showed him the area.

For dinner, we had the Faith church planting team come by, along with the Morrisons, who brought these incredibly awesome chocolaty super rich cake pops...they were GOOD!

For dinner, salad, Aunt Betty's jello salad, roasted chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, ham slices, butternut squash and gravy with fresh raised yeast rolls. It was like Thanksgiving.

It was a great time, sitting around and chatting with old friends, and new ones. Michelle was gracious to have dinner with the crazy lil ones (who were sunburned from the day at the pool with their new neighbor friends).

That's Brad doing his strong man impression :)

Overall, it was a fabulous day with friends, and lots of cooking for me...but I love to do that for friends anyway.

Time to get unpacking the rest of the boxes!

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