Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sandy's Surprise 45 and Murphy's escapade!

Cianna brought a couple girls over after school Friday, whom she had met on the bus. They were 12 year old cousins, Taylor and Capri. They enjoyed watching some Veggie Tales on Netflix.

When I told her that dinner was soon to be ready aka: time to send your friends home, she quickly asked her friends to stay and said "Right mom, you always make more than enough." ...and I smiled and got out more plates...

Sandy was busy doing his time sheets after work. He didn't have a clue what was soon to happen!

Promptly at 7:30, our bestest neighbors arrived...

With all their kids....

Aren't they a great looking group of boys?

And the lovely ladies...

CJ preparing for worship on Sunday.

The men sharing stories...heard a lot about dogs, chicken coops, rabbits and dart guns....not sure we really need to repeat those stories :)

CJ and Cianna, enjoying her PB Extravaganza.

Joseph comparing his thigh to CJ's calf. He is in AWE...

Logan spending the night with Caden, playing the X-Box.

The cats have been spending the nights outside for about a week now, as they were used to doing in Wake Forest. We held them in the first week, but they began ripping up the carpet by the door in an attempt to get outside. So far, so good...Then on Sunday morning I was treated to this sight:

I had been calling the cats for breakfast before we left for church, but only Rocky had showed up. As I was doing dishes and making breakfast, I looked up and saw my cat, perched on the neighbors house across the street!


Aaaahhh yes, that would definitely be the Murphy I was missing!

I couldn't get him to budge, he was afraid to get down.

Here the rabbit who lives here, (seriously, two of them are in the yard Every Day) seemed to be mocking him...

Yep, I heard him muttering insults at the cat stuck on the roof!

Murphy was too scared. He climbed back in the corner and stayed while we went to church. When we got back, he had gotten down on the silver porch cover, low enough that I could get on the small ladder we have, and pull him down. He was one HUNGRY cat, and has not asked to go outside again today. And Harry, who was gone a full 24 hours, finally showed up at the back door howling tonight. Thankfully every one is back home and accounted for tonight.

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