Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First morning service - "Redeeming Grace"

 The first morning church service for "Redeeming Grace" was held at the Harrisburg YMCA on May 27, 2012. It was wonderful to have the Ellis and Mitchell family in attendance. CJ was playing guitar while Shawn and Lesa led the singing portion of the worship.

It was incredibly awesome to have a special singing during the collection, by Stephanie and Sarah Ellis. Because of my cheap camera, the end of the video messed up. So once I get Cianna's help to edit it, I will get it posted. They did a FABULOUS job :)  KC will be proud of his daughter's singing talent!

Billy presented a great teaching from Hebrews and clearly explained the gospel and truth about salvation, even though it was very muggy and hot, and over the loud fan to help keep all of us cool in spite of the heat and humidity. Harrisburg is definitely getting its share of this May heat wave too!

 After service, we went to Camp Curtain elementary school and had a cook out. It was a great time to get to know the church members better.

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