Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Official Fall 2012 Football Game

This is from the very first official game of the season: Susquehanna Township against Spring Grove. 
We arrived to the band playing the Indian theme...very cool.

On this video you can hear the announcer listing this years first string line up.

One of the first plays in the almost 90 degree weather.

Billy and Michelle

Blaise, Caden, Logan

Our newest friends - The Webb family

Another rare picture...Sandy and I together

CJ on the field.

Having fun - Hunter, Logan, Caden, Blaise

Indian smoke signals! The battle is on.

Lil Olivia

Caressa and Maddie

The natives getting restless!

End of game prayer time :)

A gift from Coach Stokes after the game; in honor of WFR #79 Austin Flowers.
CJ unexpectedly received #79 when he became an Indian this year.

We did have a great time at the game, cheering on the Indians with family and friends. And with a 40-0 win, it was an excellent night. Including the thrill when Billy and Michelle snuck up to our kitchen window about 10:30 to scare us as we served icecream to the kids...good thing Caressa was the first to wash her hands in front of the window - my poor heart probably wouldn't be able to take it ;)

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